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Machine Design

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  1. DBC
    Just trying out the sheet metal tools in Alibre with this one. The T-handle was snagged from GrabCAD and imported into Alibre although it could have easily been modeled with Alibre.
  2. DBC
    I have rushed 2020 is a bit, but I wanted to see how KeyShot would do with making the glowing numbers. I was pleased at how easy it was to this. All but the front cage was modeled in Alibre. The...
  3. DBC
    This was just an import from TurboCAD into Alibre and then to KeyShot to try out a computer generated HDRI environment supplied free by HDRI Hub. I thought the environment was quite suitable.
  4. DBC
    My first try with glass, liquid and caustics in this app. I see some issues that I am not sure how to alleviate at this time in the learning curve, but hope to figure out at some point. Like other...
  5. TKS